Susie’s Book Give Away

OMG!  I am just returning to the Kindness Club after a spate of who knows what.  I had a blog in my head about driving and even took photos of the freeway as I drove up it – did I post?  No….but I was still hanging in there, just….then I read something about cell phones, but since mine is used more for emergencies and keeping the kids quiet with games apps. – I didn’t feel qualified.

So now you want me to give away a book – or farm one out – these are my loves!!!  Ok, not my lay down my life for you loves, but it’s gonna hurt to see you go out the door kind of loves…

I know who I’m going to give my book baby to – a neighbor, mother of Sweet T. that I mentioned in this post, is visiting her homeland a mere 8400 miles away to visit her sick mama, her brothers say that mama is stable and she does not need to make the visit, but when your mama is sick, a daughter has the need to go and hold her hand… The flight is about 16 hours – she could probably do with a book, and she doesn’t need to bring it back *sigh*.    Susie, Susie, go easy on me next week….


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  1. LOL-am open to “kinder” suggestions for you.

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