Camps Over and They Survived

Camps done – both Niamhy and Jojo had archery on the last day and both hit their targets , so if we ever have an intruder I’m getting them catapults and putting them between me and the intruder – kind of a modern David and Goliath.  Totally acceptable in the mommy survival manual, right up there with gin in the baby’s bottle to help them sleep.

Speaking of survival, the girls learned some survival skills at camp– Niamhy built a Teepee from branches and they all tried to fish but didn’t catch anything…they also chatted on about eating what squirrels eat – this involves stalking a squirrel and only eating the nuts, berries and mushrooms that the squirrel eats.  Fingers crossed they don’t actually have to survive out there, or if they do, they remember to take their pet squirrel with them…or a packed lunch.

After I picked them up they walked me around the camp, I am not joking when I tell you that I actually went weak at the knees looking up at the height of the towers – good grief it’s a long way up. I need to go back with my camera…in fact I go back on Monday anyway, to collect the swimsuit that Imogen left there…which means I have to get past the ‘screamers’ again – crap!  I have found out that is the name of those scary people cheering and shouting at the entrance on the first day of camp.   ‘Screamer’ suits them perfectly.

I calculated that the camp is host to about 2000 children every week – it runs for 10 weeks and the charge for each camper is over $200 – so over the course of one summer the camp brings in $4 million!  In my next life I’m coming back as a camp director.



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2 responses to “Camps Over and They Survived

  1. 2000 children every week? 20000 children over 10 weeks? That’s a city of children all learing to live like squirrels!

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