Day three and all’s well

I can’t believe it, they seem to be really enjoying themselves at wilderness camp!  So far Niamhy has rock climbed, rappelled (abseiled) off the tower, and stepped up to pretty much everything.  Jojo opted out of the rock climbing which really surprised me because she is like a little monkey flying up the rock wall at the gym…apparently she didn’t like the way the wall shook , she is my safety officer, so now the refusal makes sense.  Obviously the tower was sturdier because she did rappel(abseil). 

Imogen did archery on her first day, I asked her if she hit the target and she said I nearly hit it…how’s that for American style confidence?  She went into great detail about her first day, including Gible (Bible) study which she didn’t understand, and lying on her back in the pool and watching men floating in the air above her.   At this point I can feel my eyes popping out of my head as I’m thinking angels, seriously???   Both Niamhy and Jojo started laughing and explained the zip lines were close to the pool…oh. 

Day 2 was not so good for Imogen, she went canoeing and the water was SO CLOSE to coming into the canoe and at one point it rocked so violently SHE WAS NEARLY THROWN IN!  Did I not understand how dangerous this was?  Drama, drama, drama. *sigh* 

Another benefit to this camp is that the girls are sleeping like logs, or like campers who have spent a lot of time outside being physical! 

Niamhy at 6pm on day one


7am this morning - even Bruce Willis can't believe the bed head on Imogen


 My princess insisted on sleeping in one of her party dresses – I guess she needed a fix after all the dirty sweaty camp t-shirts and stinky sneakers and I’m fine with that, by the time you get to kid number three you learn to roll with the punches.


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