They need a new camp song, seriously…

Today is day one of the girls’ summer camp and they are all really nervous…I’m being all upbeat and cheerful and annoying the hell out of all of them because I’m really nervous too.  They are going to Camp All-American and have all signed up for the ‘Wilderness’ option.  Really?  Niamhy and Jojo don’t even own bikes…the computer is their first and probably only true love – heck these kids were born geeky and now they want to canoe and rock climb and rappel down a 56 foot tower FIFTY SIX FEET!!!  How high is that anyway?  Also archery – my klutzy kids with weapons ,  now more than ever I need a telephoto lens for my camera… 

First panic, I packed all their stuff in bags and the website said backpacks, so I repacked all the carefully labeled stuff, Imogen got anxious that she was being sent to school.   She did get up early to get ready, here she is, busy as a bee, getting dressed, eating breakfast, cleaning teeth etc.  



who needs an eye mask?


Second panic I forgot to put sunscreen on them,  quick application in the parking lot fixed that.   Gosh I’m organized. 

And then the long march to camp and by march I mean a procession, crikey, the music was blaring, there were bubbles everywhere and on either side camp councilors cheering and high fiving campers as they arrived – except mine who ducked behind me and fixed evil scowls on their faces to repel all boarders,  honestly I don’t blame them.  It’s the first day of camp and we are not home-coming queens (no, really we are not – hard to believe right?  Right?)  I could feel myself welling up and I’m thinking Holy Crap I’m gonna cry.  I’m actually going to have tears running down my face as I drop my kids off on the first day – that is really going to screw any chance they have of fitting in with the fit sporty outdoor types at camp – mom is blubbing all over them.  God they love me.  In my defense they were playing ‘We are Family’ by Sister Sledge, who’s not gonna cry hearing that? 

Speaking of God – he is gonna be at the camp, no he is, because it’s at a church and all the councilors ‘walk in the footsteps of Jesus’, strangely this is kind of a comfort to my kids…I guess they reckon the councilors won’t laugh at them anyway.  This week the religious person to be discussed is Noah – phew – my kids know who he is… When I say it is at a church obviously they are in the church grounds rappelling off the spire or something.   I stopped going to church when I came to America, I know weird, but I realized that I didn’t want to be Church of England any more – a church founded by a psychopath? Not really working for me…so I went to a non denominational church.  Whoa!  3000 people at a kind of Christian based rock show every Sunday and my kids shunted off to little classrooms which freaked them out and freaked me out because when 3000 rockers decide to collect their kids,  well I guess it’s a bit like Piccadilly Circus in rush hour and my kids are on the other side – somewhere… So here I am trying to find a church like a C of E church –but not…I may have to found my own…..


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