Brave New Me…

Yesterday I did something very brave, I went on a photo walk!  All by myself, with 50 other people, but I didn’t know them, so I felt by myself.

I have only had my camera since Christmas so for me the walk was all about playing with the mysterious buttons and looking at the results, not getting great shots.  It was also a very different experience not having my girls to point the camera at.  Just a lot of dead people, or at least their final resting places because the photo-walk was in Atlanta’s Oakland Historic Cemetery. 

I don’t have a high-falutin’ all dancing all singing camera with bits hanging off it, and as Mrs W from Clinically Fed Up mentioned recently,  Americans are very confident,  but I think for many of them  it’s all about the size of their lens and not so much what they can do with it .  So by that standard I was screwed from the start – but actually I was wrong, lots of others also had pitifully small appendages and were looking for good advice from the leader so I was not as pathetic as I thought I would be.   I’ve already booked myself on the Photo-Walk Across the World on July 24th, why not join me and the 7000 others that are doing it?

I give you a few of my efforts;

I found the monochrome button!

I was going for atmospheric, but I pretty much just learned that I can’t hold the sodding camera straight.

I thought the color of these flowers was beautiful, the sudden addition of a bee was a bonus.

The Confederate Lion

These leaves are fabulous

From the Jewish quarter

 People put pebbles on gravestones for remembrance, but it goes back to the days when graves were marked with a pile of stones.  Visitors would place a stone on the site when they visited to make sure the grave remained visible.

another bee

Amen to that....



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9 responses to “Brave New Me…

  1. The bees are brilliant! I adore graveyards – fantastic places to take photos. That second one, the pink flowers – that you absolutely MUST have printed, huge, and hung – it’s wonderful – definitely my favourite.

    How brave are you? iHeartFaces were doing photowalks this week too – I sort of would have loved to go – a bit. Totally bummed about Stirling – still humming and hawing about signing up for one in Florida though… I’l wait and see how busy they get 🙂

    • one question…
      When are you going to have a second chance to join a bunch of enthusiasts in Florida again?!

      Just remember if you make a complete arse out of yourself (which from what I’ve seen of your photos would be tricky) – you can always run away and move to a different continent *smile*

      If you want to see my magnificently plump derriere photographed by a professional then check out Mishelle’s complete photos on flickr ROFL!

      Thank you for the encouraging words…

  2. Great photos and I think you are hugely brave! Love teh bees but always have a soft spot for those!

    • Thank you! I love bees too – I think because they are happy little chappies who spend their lives making sweet sticky stuff and the sun is normally shining when we get to see them too…

  3. Hello there,
    Beautiful pictures! I’d love to join you in July. Which Photo-Walk are you going on? The one here in Roswell seems full, but I think it is a wonderful idea.

  4. Marietta! The others were full, Marietta is full too now, but you can go on the waiting list. It’s worth a try.

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