Brave New Me Update

ROFL!  You have to check out Mishelle Lane’s blog!  Mishelle was the leader of the photo walk  I went on and I was totally remiss not to mention it was an iheartfaces photo walk.  If you go to the complete set of breathtakingly beautiful photos she posted on Flickr you will find a wonderful portrait of my magnificent derriere.  I think Mishelle must just like photographing round things….you can see me in a few other photos and can tell how nervous I was by the way I have my arms firmly crossed…man you couldn’t have got my arms uncrossed with a crowbar… 

I actually lost my group in the Jewish section( not often a girl can say something like that) and didn’t spend as much time as I wanted stalking Mishelle and learning from her, but it has wetted my appetite for these photo walking adventures. 



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2 responses to “Brave New Me Update

  1. You gave me a good after-dinner giggle!!

    I think we should do another photowalk someday, don’t you?

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