The Dog House

I am in the dog house. Apparently I was terribly wrong to ask my 10-year-old not to swing a full shopping bag at her sister’s head in the middle of the store…she hasn’t spoken to me since, stayed curled in the foot well of the car for 20 minutes after we arrived home.   I left her as the car was safely in the garage, but she left home.  I heard the garage door open, only to hear her come back about 10 minutes later all in stony silence.   I’m glad she came back, even if she did continue to stay in the garage. She has also missed lunch, not because I am with holding food, but because she hasn’t told me what she wants – because she is not speaking to me!  It is blissfully quiet around here, but I can’t help feeling it is the eye before the storm…. I think this is pre-teen Braxton Hicks They are just giving me a taste of what is to come when puberty really hits.



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2 responses to “The Dog House

  1. Pre-teen Braxton Hicks is a wonderful description – sums it up perfectly 🙂

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