My Kids Are ‘Drunk’ And I’m The Designated Driver…

Today all three kids were relatively well, no headaches, no coughs, no fevers – yippee!  I immediately suggested some fun outings…maybe a hike along the Chattahoochee, or a visit to the Fernbank Museum?   After a lot of negotiation we settled on that well-known Atlanta center of culture – The World of Coca-Cola.  Huh…

We walked through the exhibit showing the history of coke from Dr Pemberton’s invention through the amazing advertising etc.  Suddenly Imogen shouted ‘Lady Gaga!’ and asked to have her photo taken next to the advert.  I was a little surprised as a),  I didn’t think Lady Gaga had endorsed Coke and b),  because we were still at the early part of the last century in the exhibit.   This is what Imogen saw…

…to give her some credit,  Jean Harlow was known for her sex appeal and screen presence so maybe she was the Lady Gaga of her day…  I think that the outfit Jean Harlow has on  (in about 1930) was probably as controversial then as Lady Gaga’s are now… is it me or does Lady Gaga’s outfit seem, err, uncomfortable?

photographer unknown

If you don’t know World of Coke let me tell you they actually have about 60 different flavors from around the world on tap, free, to try…as much as you want.  My girls love to try them all and when that sugar hits them – oh boy…the sugar they are ingesting may not be fermented but the resulting behavior is just as if they were propping up the bar at the local pub.

definitely one too many...

If you are planning on visiting, the bathrooms are immediately on the right as you enter the drinking room!  Believe me – this is important information…




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3 responses to “My Kids Are ‘Drunk’ And I’m The Designated Driver…

  1. Hello!
    apart from the too much sugar in the coke… it looks like an interesting outing! And the kids look like they enjoyed it to the full!
    PS can I add you to my blog roll, please?

  2. Oh – they LOVED it!
    and yes, I would be honored to be on your blog roll!

  3. I love the tasting room – some totally whacky flavours to try – am I imagining it (it was a while ago) – do they have a bit where you place your cup in a holder, hit a button and a fountain of Fanta fires across the room (well a few feet of it) into your cup? Or did I dream this? Maybe it was somewhere else with a million flavours of sugary bubbles….

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