Still Life – sort of…


I googled the term still life and Tara is spot on with the picture of bacon – edible dead bodies seem to feature highly…as do fruits and vegetables and leaves – lots of leaves…so I cheated and I know I’m not alone!  

Here are my still life pictures of a tree I came across in Florida.  In a sense, I am within the remit of still life – taking the mundane and making it interesting…  

When I look at these I wonder why they are hiding in my computer and not splashed across my walls….  

the boring original


I love photoshop..the blue is bluer


or purple




...or my favorite - black


Not so boring after all.



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18 responses to “Still Life – sort of…

  1. I really like the changes. :0)

  2. Hi! Maybe not on my walls but outside my window… (the original of course)…the changes are awesome. well done!

  3. I love what you can do with computer software and a digital image these days – even those of us (and I mean me, here, not you!) that are not the best photographers can play and make something a little bit different.

  4. My favourite is the black too:) I didn’t google ‘Still Life’, good idea I probably should have! I interpreted the prompt my own way too 😀 Jen.

  5. They look fab, I’m just learning to play around with photos x

  6. I didn’t think the original was boring – but I am loving the processed ones!

  7. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps

    Great tree images I think my fav is the second one

  8. Very funky trees! I love how you’ve played with them.

  9. These are very cleverly done.

    CJ xx

  10. Oooh, I love that last one!

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