Conversation with Jojo

Jojo: Daddy did it to you on a cruise ship

Me: Yes

Jojo: Did he do it to you four times?

Me: Yes

Jojo: And you only agreed on the fourth time. What did he say when you said no the first three times?

Me: Phew…

We had just watched a helicopter come in over a banner saying ‘Will you marry me?’ And yes, I did refuse Andy’s  proposal the first three times – I’m not fussy, I just prefer my future groom sober enough to remember I said yes the following morning…

Conversation with Imogen in a public bathroom…

Imogen is really into big words at the moment.

Imogen (loudly): Mom, have you finished?

Me: Yes

Imogen: I’m still urinating….

Me: ok

Conversation with Imogen part 2:

Imogen riding Andy’s back in the pool:  Come on my faithful seed.

Andy: steed, Imogen steed…

Personally looking at the results, I think his seed is darn faithful, practically Mini Me – I mean Him, Mini Him …


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