Byebye Baby

I honestly thought that when the summer vacation came I would have more time to blog and the reality is that I do, but I am also in go-slow mode.  School broke up for summer on May 21st, 10 days ago and that night I slept for 13 hours straight.  I haven’t sped up since.

Life has pretty much been like that for the last 10 days – getting up late, not doing much, maybe going swimming in the afternoon if we haven’t got a thunderstorm going on…

Niamhy has been sick too, I would say that maybe it was a reaction to graduating from elementary school except that Jojo now has it.  Yay….

Niamhy’s graduation was awesome – on the last Thursday, the 5th grade held a talent show, Niamhy decided to opt out and be an audience participant. Probably a good thing as pretty much her best talent is dislocating her shoulder and licking her elbow – not for the faint hearted.   I was front stage and back stage and anywhere else I was wanted, being in the thick of it is my happiest place.

good grief!

 I was struck by how supportive an audience of 11 year olds can be, some of the instrumentals were a little off-key, but at the end of the performance the audience were whistling and cheering like it was the Jo Bros themselves…

I was also amused to see that when 3 girls sang and danced to Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong with Me’, all the girls in the audience were singing along and most of the boys just looked dumbfounded, the smiles broke out on the boys’ faces when they started to hold clenched fists up as if they had cigarette lighters – they might not know the words but they can hold an imaginary lighter with the best of them.

Friday was a whole different ball game, the 5th grade kids walk the halls of the school for the last time with the rest of the school coming out of their classrooms to cheer them on.  Many kids including Niamhy have been at the school for 6 years and it is an emotional moment to walk those halls as an enrolled student for the very last time.  Sweet, sweet Imogen and 2 of her friends had made posters to hold up for Niamhy and Niamhy was gracious enough to stop and hug her baby sister when she saw her.

They got on a bus to the nearby church for the graduation breakfast.  The school is 21 years old this year and this was the first time that the graduation ceremony was held off site and parents were actually invited to attend.  I had the privilege of standing up and reading out the names of those children who had worked their tushies off and had scored very highly academically

 – they received a Presidential Award of Academic Excellence – signed by Barrack Obama himself…and I also read out a letter he sent them – which basically said

‘We‘re going down the crapper and we need bright sparks like you to haul us back out again.’

I am totally bragging when I tell you that Niamhy received one of these certificates.  Start hauling Niamhy.


Finally after the ceremony the kids got to go to a pool party – probably the bit they have looked forward to the most all year!  As you can see a great time was had by all – just imagine the expression on Niamhy’s face on the faces of 128 kids….


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  1. What a fabulous way to celebrate leaving a school – shoot the very thought of walking the halls makes me bubble a bit – I wish our schools had the imagination to think of something better than copying the ubiquitous “prom” (and believe me we don’t do that right in any way shape or form) and year book (what happened to school’s annual magazines???).

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