A tale of two friends, their two wives and five daughters…

This week the transcendental Tara used the words convoluted and friendship in the same sentence – music to my ears.  I want to tell you a convoluted story of two young boys.  In 1985 both of these boys were 16 years old and they became apprentices at the MoD in the south of England (MoD = Ministry of Defense).  Like the movie Top Gun these boys all had nicknames for each other and these two boys were called ‘Jimbo’ and ‘Porky’ – unlike Top Gun we are talking about spotty English teenagers, so don’t get too excited it’s not that good a story!  

They finished their apprenticeships and went on to university, got jobs and lost contact with each other.  Jimbo married an English girl and had three daughters (that would be me – he has great taste!).  Porky married a Welsh girl and had two daughters.   

In 2004 Jimbo who is now called Andy as that is actually the name his Mama gave him, came to live in a small town to the north of Atlanta.  Now while most people have heard of Atlanta, almost nobody has heard of this small town that has only recently risen from the horse farms that used to populate the country north of Atlanta.  Jimbo’s middle daughter Jojo was 4 at this stage and was enrolled at the local Montessori school where she quickly became friends with a little American girl who was just one year younger…  On Jojo’s fifth birthday she invited this American girl to her party and as she was just four, American girl’s mother stayed at our house and helped with the party.  Guess what?  This mother was English!   Or at least she spoke with an English accent – she started chatting with Andy and it transpired that she was actually Welsh and married to a guy who used to be an apprentice in the MoD.  You’ve guessed it – Porky and his family had also moved to our sleepy horse farm town in North Georgia!  

As I write this Jojo is 10 years old and she is still friends with her American girl who is now 9.  In fact this is the age span – Imogen is 7, American girl’s little sister is 8, American girl is 9, Jojo is 10 and Niamhy is 11.  They have all been friends for the last 5 years and have never seriously fallen out – all five of them…  

Porky and Jimbo are  friends again and I count Porky’s wife as one of my closest friends here in the States…I think this is the perfect story for the theme friendship!  

My photo is of the five girls doing what they love best – hanging out together.  It was taken last year.  

Life is good when you are 7, 10, 8, 9 and 6 years old!



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11 responses to “A tale of two friends, their two wives and five daughters…

  1. How completely and utterly gorgeous. The girls, and the story.

  2. Great photo and lovely story:) Jen.

  3. Now that just has to be fate! Great story and wonderful photograph!

  4. That is so freakin’ SPOOKY. My Mum met our neighbours (from 1974) best friend in the toilets at the Grand Hyatt in Savannah – not nearly so spooky but just sayin’ the world is small 🙂

  5. How amazing. I love that picture – it is just fabulous. I hope you have it blown up on a wall somewhere.

  6. What a wonderful story and a beautiful photograph of the girls clearly having lots and lots of fun!

    MD x

  7. What a great picture, and an amazing story! It was obviously meant to be 😀

  8. What a lovely story! What a small world! How lucky you are that the girls get on well!

  9. What a great story, what is meant to happen will happen 😉

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