Vertical Take Off

I’m mad at Bruce Willis and I’m kind of proud all at the same time…He has been mysteriously escaping from the back yard.  This is bad because in true Catahoula Leopard Dog form he is both assertive and protective of his family.  All the adults in the neighborhood either come to my house enough to know it’s all mouth and no action – or they are scared shitless of him. 

Out of courtesy to the latter half of the neighborhood, Andy and I work very hard at making sure Bruce Willis stays where he is supposed to stay.   Incidentally, 90% of the kids in the neighborhood just come into the house with our kids and tolerate a big black dog enthusiastically vacuuming them with his nose, it doesn’t occur to them to be scared of him and it doesn’t occur to Bruce Willis that they are a threat, to him they are deliciously stinky two-legged puppies.

We have a pretty big back yard and the perimeter is not what you would call cultivated – in fact I think part of it is primeval forest…so when Bruce Willis escapes we have to walk the perimeter and find the hole to mend it…except this time there was no hole.  Plenty of snake holes and mosquitoes, poison ivy and maybe poison oak too just for the fun of it, but no dog size hole anywhere…wtf?

can you see the fence deep in the undergrowth?

Catahoulas are very cool dogs, they are the oldest native breed of dog in the US and the Louisiana State dog (Catahoula is an area in Louisiana).  They were permanently banned from the Coon Hound National Championships in the 1970’s.  The official reason for this was because the organizers wanted to give the coon hounds a chance.  Possibly the only time in history when any breed of any species has been banned for being too good – Boo Yah! 

I should have known better, I should have guessed that Bruce Willis would be true to his breed in other ways…you see one of the events in the Coon Hound Trials is treeing a raccoon.  There is a breed of coon hound called a Tree Walking Hound as they literally seem to follow the prey up the tree…they were out performed by the Catahoula’s in the trials with one Catahoula literally going 15 feet up the tree after the raccoon.

It seems Bruce has been leaving over the top of a five foot wall…he just seemed to step up there, honestly there was no obvious effort involved at all – wow.  I tried to make him sit near the wall for a photo, but he was worried he had done something wrong and wouldn’t go near the wall – this is the best I could do…

and they say dogs can't look guilty...

Guess where Andy is?!  No don’t guess – here is another photo.

Nice Trellis


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  1. I can’t tell you how much I love your dog’s name…!

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