Dad, of course

I’m a conventional creature – so when Tara of Sticky Fingers suggested a theme of ‘Men’ for this week’s gallery, I immediately think of my girls’ Daddy.  

He can mend broken balloons, (if you let him go alone into the garage to do it).  

He builds me love gifts of sand castles on Florida beaches.  

He taps my soda can exactly as my Dad did, in his memory.  

He reads ‘Annie and Jack’ (The Magic Tree House Series) with Imogen every night and behaves as if he can’t wait to find out what happens next. If he is away on business, she and I have to read something else because she doesn’t want him to miss anything…  


When he found out I was pregnant again within 3 months of giving birth to Niamhy, his reaction was “Mr. Virility!’,  with a very pleased look on his face.  

He freaks at missing socks, but when I reversed my car at high speed into his, he was just glad no one had been hurt.  

He flies all over the world, but hates to cross a high bridge.  

Loves the beach and beer, but will explore historic sites and sip margaritas with me.  


He spends hours in the pool and sea with the girls, long after I have retreated to a lounger with a book.  

Can you see the kid in this picture?!


Does not understand my decision not to work, but supports me anyway.  

Would lay down his life for his girls, but was glad Imogen was born 11 days late and 13 days after his birthday, so they did not have to compete or share a birthday.  

Cannot sleep well with any light at all in the bedroom, (we have blackout curtains and black tape over the led lights on the electrics in the room), but can sleep through pretty much any noise the kids make in the night.  

Favorite food has to be bacon, but he likes lettuce too…  

A dad and his girls



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10 responses to “Dad, of course

  1. Beautiful post.

    And as far as missing socks-watch the video on the link attached and you will find a great idea for a gift for him.

    • veryanniemary

      I HAVE those! I just had a revelation watching your vlog that I need to give them to HIM…I have been trying to pair the socks as they arrive at the washing machine and by then it is too late. Better if he pairs them as he takes them off his feet, duh.

  2. that’s so lovely, it actually brought a tear to my eye xx

  3. Ahhh, lovely photos.

    My son arrived 11 days late, on my husband’s birthday and stole his thunder!

  4. I love seeing photographs of Dads with their daughters. I’m a total Daddys girl. How beautiful are they?

  5. Love it! He looks really ‘safe’ as in I wouldn’t be scared to be on my own with him – yes! So glad you found my blog. Going to do a series on anxiety so I hope you will visit & contribute!

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