Mother’s Day – Yay! I think….

The 2nd Sunday in May is Mother’s day here  

Imogen is a delight, but if I didn’t know better I would swear she is out to destroy every shred of confidence I have…  

First, we have the picture she colored for me – an elephant, hmmm…  



Then the note she wrote…big?  BIG?!  

I'm glad she doesn't hate me


She meant to write helpful, not hellful, honest…  

heleful? is that like hellfull?


But look – she was so happy to be out in the sun on a family outing she really seemed airborne most of the time!  

I wish I could dance like that in public





  Jojo was also in good form:  


..and Niamhy was, well, Niamhy…  


I love Atlanta Botanical Gardens, it is small enough to see everything without flagging and big enough to keep you wanting to come back time after time.  

This is Niamhy’s favorite fountain – I see an awesome glass sculpture – Niamhy sees the splash after someone has cannon balled into the water!  


Later on we visited Oakland Cemetery – sounds morbid, but it’s really cool!  It is Atlanta’s oldest cemetery and at one point was Atlanta’s only park.  Martha Compton is buried there – Atlanta was once named Marthasville after her, and Margaret Mitchell of ‘Gone with the Wind’ fame, and Maynard Jackson – never heard of him?  You don’t live here then…he was Atlanta’s first African-American Mayor and from the look of his grave, folk haven’t forgotten what he achieved.   


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  1. Out of the mouths of babes! Happy Mother’s Day. Apologies for it being belated – though lucky you getting two of them!

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