Goldie Hawn is having a sleepover

When the girls have a sleepover, you can bet good money that Goldie Hawn is the first to get a sleeping bag and just try to move her!  Oh no, in her mind it’s a girl’s sleep over and she is a girl…and that is that. 

girl's night


Tonight she has her first sleepover alone, at the local animal hospital…at least that is what I am telling the girls.  I prefer to think of it as a bum treatment at the local spa. 

Goldie’s anal gland ruptured and the vet told me that the other side was also large and compacted…poor little soul…I am trying not to feel guilty, but I think I should have noticed, right? 


It feels like she is never coming home and yet it is a simple procedure and she should be home tomorrow.  


I have a Goldie Hawn sized hole in my life tonight.  


 Bruce Willis keeps checking in the car, but she’s not there – he’s confused…That’s ok, he’s often confused. 

beautiful and brainless...


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