Who was this lady?

It’s time for Tara’s virtual photo gallery again.  This time the theme is portraits, I chose this photo of my maternal grandmother, a strong-willed Cornish woman.  I was six when she died and I did not take this photo – I don’t know who did….

I remember this woman as being my favorite grandparent, but of the three I knew she died the first.  I was six, the same age as Imogen, my youngest girl is now.

I remember jumping on her bed and being frightened when her false teeth started jumping about on the bed too. 

I remember being taken to the park by her.

 I remember the school secretary taking me out of the classroom and being driven down to Cornwall for her funeral.

I remember coming across this photo a few years later and the joy and excitement I felt running to show my Mom what I had found.

I remember hiding in fear and confusion, when my mother broke down and cried at the sight of this photo – I had never heard anyone cry with such heartbreak before.  I knew I was in deadly trouble for my actions, that my mother hated me. (She didn’t).

I remember my father complaining that she cooked chicken stew with the skin still on the chicken which made it slimy.

I remember years later my mother telling me that she found a wet hanky in my grandmother’s pocket after she died, and that she was convinced it was her tears.

I remember the stories of violence and betrayal between my grandparents.

I remember that my Grandmother wanted to come and live with us, and my father refused.

I remember a story that my father tried to explain the natural geographic reasons for the river Tamar, but my Grandmother knowing that really the river was put there by God to keep the English out…

I don’t remember why she was my favorite.

I don’t really know this woman.

She is only two generations away and I loved her, – she is a stranger.



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10 responses to “Who was this lady?

  1. Red Ted Art

    Lovely post! A lovely post to honour a special person!

  2. christinemosler

    What a fantastic post. Some lovely images in your writing, I loved the false teeth jumping and the tear soaked hanky. She sounds as stubborn in her beliefs as my Gran was! Wonderful writing.

  3. Very moving post. I didn’t really know my “favourite” granny either. She died when I was 10, but like you, she’ll always be my favourite…

  4. what a great phto, she shines out frm it. LOvely descriptions of her too.

  5. Fabulous.

    My mum and I went through a big box of my grandmother’s photos recently and I found it incredibly moving. These lives I didn’t know yet whose history was so much a part of my own looking up at me.

    I love your writing of her, a piecing together of memories and stories to make up your own picture of her in your mind.

  6. A moving post your wrote!

  7. Strange isn’t it, my favourite Grannie died when I was about 7 – Maybe it’s because we only knew the best bits we were still naive and innocent and loved them ..just because. Lovely

  8. I love photos of old relatives. I feel like I can hear your granny’s voice, even though I’m not sure what a Cornish accent sounds like.

  9. What a lovely photo. I’m amazed you remember so much when you were so young, she must have been very special to you

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