Smile – you never know who will smile back!

Susie over at New Day New Lesson has started a kindness club and the challenge this week was to smile at people and see what would happen!

On Wednesday I smiled at an Asian woman with a small daughter.  She was traditionally dressed in Shalwar Kameez and had a way of walking that made me think she grew up in Asia, not the West.   She smiled back and then insisted that I go in front of her at the grocery store. Wow.

On Thursday I smiled at a young man who I would normally consider ‘scary’.  His clothing, facial hair, tattoos and piercings put him outside my comfort zone.  We ended up having the longest chat about recycling .  He told me he liked my T-shirt, it is one of Target’s finest and says ‘Respect your Mother’ with a picture of the Earth below the slogan.  Who knew we would have anything remotely in common?

Things got even funnier on Friday.  I smiled at a special needs teacher at the girl’s elementary school and ended up laughing till tears rolled down my cheeks as I helped her struggle with a Viking ship (a cardboard movie theater prop she had been given for her class.)   It turns out two intelligent women cannot get a four-foot wide Viking ship through a 3 foot gap even if their lives depended on it. 

On Saturday and Sunday I did a lot of smiling, but only at people I know – I decided that doesn’t count…

Not sure what happened on Monday, maybe I just don’t smile much on Mondays.

Today I smiled at a young African-American woman, who dressed in a definite style that marked her as a type that again I would not usually associate with…I am not sure that I would have smiled at her if it wasn’t for her pit bull (the breed matched the way she dressed).  This pit bull was the most beautiful and well looked after pit bull I have ever seen and apparently it thought the same about me.  Nothing was going to stop this dog from charging up to me and wriggling, with a huge grin on it’s face…who couldn’t smile at that?

This post shows me up for judging people by their clothing and demeanor,  I am resolved to do better.



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2 responses to “Smile – you never know who will smile back!

  1. Wow-you had amazing success at smiling. Keep going!

  2. BTW-when you link up on mclinky’s you should put the link to the post not the site.

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