The Gallery Week 8 (already!)

Week eight of Tara’s virtual gallery and the theme  is the 7 deadly sins..This one was scarily easy!  I instantly knew the photo I wanted to use for anger, and the one for sloth, and the one for envy and the one for greed.  All of them of my children!  What am I breeding?   

Here is Anger – courtesy of Imogen at one and a half.   

she's mad!


 The photo of sloth is also Imogen after a particularly big lunch.   

She snores too..


Envy is demonstrated by Niamhy.  I can’t remember what the problem was, but I know it involved cake..   

clearly hard done by...


Greed just has to be Jojo – that child loves her food…   



 or is that Gluttony?  Maybe this one of Imogen is gluttony?  

gotta love how far chocolate will spread


 Click on the link above and go visit the other wonderful photos in the gallery – it’s fun!



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17 responses to “The Gallery Week 8 (already!)

  1. Awww fabulous pics. Your girls are adorable. 😀

  2. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Great pictures – what lovely girls you have x

  3. Beautiful girls! I love the picture of Imogen in the highchair ;)))

  4. Lovely choice of photos. Imogen with the chocolate ‘beard’ is great!

  5. Red Ted Art

    Aren’t the lovely!!! Think the firt and las photo are my favourite!!!

  6. Fabulous photos, they look adorable and cute

  7. Oh man. I forgot how easily food could travel across the face of a baby.

  8. I don’t know what you are saying… they are beautiful!

  9. Envy is my favourite. Didn’t know anyone could manage to get their mouth to turn down at the edges so far! Fantastic.

  10. You did so well going for all 7 deadly sins – love both the kids with the messy faces, so cute.

  11. Hehe, great great photos. Love them, they are so cute. :0)

  12. Love the photo of Imogen asleep in the high chair!

  13. The thing I’m finding about all these pictures of other people’s children being “wrathful” is how lovely they all look!!! It’s so obvious how they feel from their faces when it’s your own, and so difficult when it’s someone else’s.

  14. Wonderful pictures! The one of sloth could so easily be Bog Boy who’d happily drift off in his high chair after lunch. However m,uch you say tehy are to represent deadly sins, I can’t hlep but think no no they are all so innocent!

  15. I love them
    Yum, the chocolate all over the face…
    wish I could do it !!!!

  16. LOL at the photos.

    Boy-brave woman with 2 blogs!

    • veryanniemary

      Desperation! The more people I tell I am losing weight – the more eyes on me and the more accountability I have. That’s the theory!

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