Meet Squelch, Whale and Tiddler

We have new members of the family…temporary members.  I might have guessed just looking at the tadpoles in their puddle wouldn’t be enough.  So I took them back to the Greenway with their jars at the ready. I  have clear memories of taking my jar down to the stream in my neighbor’s yard and coming home with tadpoles, so who am I to refuse my kids the same memories?  Ah, the joys of an English summer.  I usually had about 3 tadpoles and they lived in a big gherkin jar (pickle) in the garden.   

caught one!



  Turns out Imogen and Jojo are pretty good tadpole fishers – we have 50+ in an old fish tank in the screen porch – gotta love that screen porch!  I have no idea what we will do if all 50 make it to adult hood, but fiddle de dee – I’ll think about that tomorrow.   

50 - I counted...


I have been trying to make healthier decisions about food for the whole family – when Imogen asked for a snack about 3 seconds before we had to get into the car, instead of grabbing a bag of Oreos, or Cheetos, I told her to get a cheese out of the fridge and to GET IN THE CAR , STAT.   We always have individually packed cheeses for snacks and lunch bags etc.  Here were her choices that day – two are recognizable and the gold one is Vermont cheddar.   


A few minutes later, as we are driving along and she suddenly announces that her cheese tastes like spaghetti…she had helped herself to my best and most expensive cut of parmesan and was chewing on it like a bone.  *sigh*   

 Bruce Willis also enjoys a light and fit breakfast   


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