Homework Dog

The girls are in the middle of CRCT’s at the moment (end of year exams).  Revision is done wherever they are comfortable, and for Niamhy this is Goldie Hawn’s bed. 


I don’t know why she likes to study there and I don’t care as long as she studies…Goldie Hawn doesn’t know why she studies there either, but she feels more strongly about it than me!



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4 responses to “Homework Dog

  1. Hello there,

    Sorry to hi-jack your comments thread but I just wanted to let you know that you have been nominated for the Best Looking MAD Blog in this year’s Mum and Dad Blog awards.

    You can read all about the MAD blog awards here at http://www.the-mads.com where you can also download a badge to display on your blog to encourage your readers to submit more nominations. There more you get, the more likely you are to be short-listed for the next round and there are some amazing prizes on offer.

    I’ve just been looking at your photographs – beautiful! I love the entry for Tara’s Gallery this week. I ended up using photos of my child too. Hard to resist when they provide so many moments like that one of your giggling girl.

    Thanks for your time and good luck!

    Josie (on behalf of the MAD awards)

  2. Just see the MADS award comment – and definfintely agree. I love your photos too!

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