Problem Child

Bruce Willis has issues.  He tries to attack anyone who comes through the door – even after three years of living with us.  He has come such a long way – he no longer barks at his own reflection, he’s worked out it is not another dog out there barking back.  He no longer walks across the dining room table or the kitchen counters.  He no longer bites.  He has learned that if he is given food in his bowl, it really is his and will not be taken away again.   He has learned that it is ok to tear up a kitchen roll center if it is given to him, but not until it is given to him.  He knows how to high five and to leave the girls alone when they are eating.  But he still attacks anyone coming through the door.  Like a lot of shelter dogs, Bruce has lived on the dark side of life and knows how much he has to lose.   He insists on protecting us and the house against all comers and I mean all comers (sorry Grandma).  That’s ok, I can live with that.  Look at this photo – when Jojo was 6 she had a little difficulty learning to read, but Bruce Willis was always there to read to and she was always happy to read to him.  Thanks Bruce.   

Once upon a time.....




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2 responses to “Problem Child

  1. Awww, it’s hard when you have a dog like that. Lovely picture though. :0)

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