Ugly: The Gallery

Wow!  This one was interesting,  Tara’s virtual photo gallery theme this week is ugly.  I took photos of trash at a football ground (too obvious), I took photos of a sweater left at the football ground and covered in Georgia clay (Georgia clay is orange and does not come out, really it doesn’t), but I guess the kid who was wearing it had fun and that’s not ugly.  I took a photo of the patch of hair on my pasty white leg that I had missed when shaving, that sure as hell qualifies, but it was just nasty. 


 Then on Monday I took the girls to one of Georgia’s most beautiful places, Stone Mountain is a remarkable natural phenomenon, a big ol’ lump of granite that sticks out of the ground.  The mountain is more than five miles (8 km) in circumference at its base, and only 10% of the mountain is exposed!  You can hike it or ride a cable car to the top.  At the base of the mountain is where I found my first ugly.  There is a park at the base and by park I mean an ‘attraction’.  You know, lots of souvenir shops and a 4D movie theater etc.  They also have a sky hike!  This is a great three-tiered rope course.  The lowest level is 12 feet off the ground and the highest level is 36 feet high.  The girls and I lined up to have a go…they were so excited they did not mind waiting 2 hours in line!  2 hours, folks!!  Which is when this bad, bad, bad, Mommy looked down and realised that poor little Imogen was wearing sandals…Guess what?  It’s closed toe shoes only.  What fool doesn’t check their six-year-old isn’t properly dressed for the activity in hand?  This one apparently.  So here is ugly photo number one.  It is the emotion this picture conjures up in my heart  and not the photo that is ugly… 



My second photo was taken on the same day,  we went to do whatever activity Imogen wanted to do (too little, too late, but it helped her, and me,  feel better.)  I looked up at the mountain and saw something I see every single time I visit, but this time I realized exactly how ugly it is.  It has to be the biggest piece of legal defacing of a natural wonder in the South…. 

What the....?


That’s the largest bas-relief sculpture in the world, the Confederate Memorial Carving depicts three Confederate leaders of the Civil War, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E Lee and Thomas J “Stonewall” Jackson (and their favorite horses, “Blackjack”, “Traveller”, and “Little Sorrel”, respectively).  This carving is so big you could park a school bus on the back of the lead horse.  Even uglier than the  tampering with a thing of natural beauty is that it was partly financed by the Ku Klux Klan, who were given permission to hold their meetings there forever by the then owner, Sam Venable.  An ugly carving, an ugly history. Now I’m just off to gild my lilies, so enjoy a few photos of Jojo and Niamhy on the Sky Hike… 

Go Niamhy, Go Niamhy! 

Eeeek! She looks like she is falling...


'Have a Go, Jojo' living up to her name..



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9 responses to “Ugly: The Gallery

  1. I feel her pain!

    I’ve always thought that carving was rather grand but I didn’t know the KKK link. In my defence we visited when the “attraction” was closed. Totally closed. Nyada. Not a stand to be seen. No maps or info sheets (tho I do wonder if they put that in the leaflets? hmmm….). We had the place entirely to ourselves. My regret is not getting up on top of Stone Mountain – with a toddler and a babe in arms hiking it was out of the question!

  2. It’s funny, I always liked it too, until Tara’s ugly theme got into my head like a little worm and I saw it with new eyes…Maybe we could spray paint an image of Gordon Brown on Ben Nevis?! That would be a modern equivalent…I think. (I’m joking – no hate mail – please!)

    We always ride the cable car up and hike down. You have to come back.

  3. Oh really interesting, poor Imogen…..I have an Imogen too and she would have been exactly the same. :0(
    I loved reading about the history and seeing your pictures….also a tad jealous of your obviously warm weather! ;0)

    • veryanniemary

      I love history too – it was kind of wild to dig a little deeper and find the ugly side – they don’t advertise that too much!

  4. oh no! How to feel like a ba-a-a-a-ad Mummy!

  5. What a nightmare! Hope she’s forgiven you… and I bet you obsessively shoe-check very outing for the next year!

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