Easter Resolution

A while ago I posted that I exercise like crazy with Mrs Dash, my personal trainer, I have a bad back and exercise helps.  I finally went to an orthopedic specialist to discover I have arthritis in two joints in my spine!!  Hello?  I’m 45, way too young for arthritis…(This is where I go into the life isn’t fair bit, except I won’t because it’s just not me).   He prescribed anti inflammatory meds, then cheerfully told me that if I take them every day, I had to take a 2 week break every 2 months because they are so hard on the liver.  Hmmm, my liver already works hard on my chardonnay and margaritas…

 But this, apparently, is for the rest of my life, and I have three little souls depending on me, so out with the liquor, except champagne…I figure the occasions when I’m actually offered champagne are so far and few between that it should be ok…right? 

The meds I will take only when I feel really bad and that leaves the exercise and lifestyle changes…I can’t do any exercises that pound on my back, no running, no jumping jacks, no skipping, hopping, jumping etc.  I’m kind of freaked because I don’t know what’s left, but Mrs Dash will – I hope.

 This leads me to my final resolution.  I need to lose major poundage – like 40 of them…my poor spine is carrying around a large toddler in extra flab every day.  If I carried a 40 lb kid around, I’d be exhausted in an hour, but that’s what my body does 24/7…look at that x-ray, never mind the squished joints, look at that layer of white flab – yuck!

 So here goes, I am going to post my progress, emotional and physical every Tuesday, what worked for me, what didn’t…you may want to skip reading this blog on a Tuesday or you may want to thank the Lord that you don’t have arthritis and join me….


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