Jojo , an Easter Egg Hunt and a Dodgy Dentist

The day after Jojo had her teeth taken out I took Imogen and Niamhy to the same dentist for a checkup.  I knew they both had cavities as the previous dentist had told me.  It was their first visit, so I could go back with them.  Dr. King took x-rays and looked in their mouths, then he looked at the x-rays again with a worried frown – he asked his assistant to look, then he looked in their mouths again.  Finally he turned to me and I’m thinking what the hell has he found?  It turns out he was confused about what he didn’t find….cavities.  Neither girl had any, so now I’m thinking what was the other dentist planning?  Jojo obviously has very good instincts, it was her that refused to go back to the old dentist and presumably saved her sisters from who knows what. 

In the meantime Jojo went to the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt with a friend.  When I picked her up all seemed well and she had won one of the big prizes!  Yay for Jojo .

This morning as I am walking up to the school I met the hostess of the Easter Egg Hunt who greeted me with the words, ‘Jojo was full of vim and vigor at the hunt, you would never know she had teeth extracted the day before’.   Can you see my Mommy radar going off?  Oh yeah, she squirted lemonade in the eye of a boy using a squirt gun, starting an all out girl/boy war…and that big prize?  Another boy got it, then tripped and it fell out of his basket – Super Speedy Jo nips in and grabs it!  Funny Jojo didn’t mention any of that…

She doesn't look that mean...


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