The Gallery: Outside my front door.

I have this fantasy that I can be the first to post on Tara’s gallery.  That means I would have to post at 3am – not gonna happen!

This week the theme is outside my front door and I have decided to take this quite literally.  I love the street I live on.

This first photo was taken this February and is my winter photo.  I live in Georgia, y’all!  It is not supposed to snow in February, but I love that the kids could sled right up to the front door…

The next photo I took this morning walking back from the school.  This tree is in my neighbor’s yard.  Look at how heavy it is with blossom, it takes my breath away every spring.

Kids and sprinklers on my front lawn, this screams summer to me.

Look at these trees in fall!  They are just beautiful.  This photo was taken in the fall after the big Georgia drought of 2008.  Apparently a lack of water makes great fall color and here is the proof.



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16 responses to “The Gallery: Outside my front door.

  1. I’ve been to Atlanta and a bunch of other places in the US. I love the vibrant colours of the trees in the Fall. They tend to be far brighter colours than over here in the UK

  2. gorgeous photos! Love the snow at the front door and the garden photo too. 🙂

  3. OMG how did they cope with all that SNOW? We drove up from Valdosta to Atlanta in December (2000 and blah – can’t remember! maybe 1997… a while ago) and when we got there they had half an inch of slush and the place was closed down… Fox were telling everyone to “stay indoors” and not travel unless “absolutely necessary”. Srsly – half an inch of slush!

    We had no trouble getting a table anywhere that night.

    Stone Mountain was quiet 🙂

    • No kidding! I kept saying, “they must be laughing at us in Chicago…” The girls got a ‘snow day’ when there was a possibility of snow – not even the actual white stuff – crazy.

      Just came back from Stone Mountain today – not quiet at all now!

  4. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Lovely pics, can’t believe what beautiful places everybody has in their photos this week – aren’t we all lucky to live in such gorgeous locations? x

  5. Your house looks like something from a wonderful film, Gone with the Wind, say. Lucky you! Beautiful pictures. I’m amazed the tree’s branches didn’t snap covered with all that blossom.

  6. cherishedbyme

    Your house is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful! :0)

  7. The blossom is devine… I’ve not seen a real blossom tree in what seems like forever now. I’m sure there used to be more in my city when I was a kid to what there is now.

    Loving the autumnal trees… gorgeous colours!

    • Thank you. It is absolutely breathtaking here in the Spring…unfortunately Atlanta flora is also known for causing allergies…even my neighbor’s dog takes Benadryl occasionally!

  8. What a beautiful house you have, I want to move in!
    The photos are all wonderful too! But I’m busy being jealous of your house!

  9. Thank you! It is a fantastic house – perfect for three wild children and two large dogs to trash…

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