Stop the Merry-Go –Round Jojo Wants To Get Off

Poor Jojo has barely recovered from losing her toenail, when yesterday she had to face one of her big fears, (and she has many), the dentist.  This wasn’t any old visit though, which is bad enough, this was a five tooth extraction visit.   

Jojo’s old dentist told me back in November that she would need  five teeth out.  Instead Jojo walked out of the dentist office and would not go back.  So I started to ask around about other dentists.  Jojo’s pediatrician recommended Dr. King, and I made an appointment.  Jojo was very good, she had her x-rays taken and agreed to let him look in her mouth after he had promised not to poke at her with anything. It’s all about negotiation and keeping promises with Jojo.   Dr King agreed that she needed the 5 teeth extracted and then he wrote a prescription for Valium…for Jojo not me, although my nerves were shot from having Jojo behave like a deranged limpet all afternoon.  He also recommended she bring her iPod – excellent suggestion and I recommend it, because it does hide a lot of the noises – enough said.   

The day of the big extraction arrived and as instructed I gave Jojo her Valium at 7am for her 8am appointment.  Here is my second recommendation, before you give anyone a Valium I recommend you a) get them out of their loft bed and b) get them downstairs…   

At 7:30 when it was time for the other two to go to school – she still had not come down stairs.  Normally her anxiety would have had her bouncing off the walls by then.  So I went upstairs to find her all but asleep.   

Me, (all bright and bubbly like we are planning a trip to Disney): I’m taking the others to school and then I’ll come right back and we will go to the dentist.   

Jojo,deep in the depths of a drug induced haze: ‘kay.   

When I came to get her she was still in bed.  I pulled the covers off her and got her to swing her legs round onto the ladder, which she came down facing outwards like steps, swaying.  We only took two steps down the back stairs when I gave up and despite my doctor telling me not to lift weights ( that’s a whole different post), I lifted her into a fireman’s lift across my shoulder and carried her the rest of the way to the car.  All the way she repeated just one word.  ‘Dizz (imagine a 10 second pause here) eeee’.   

In the waiting room, listing at a 45 degree angle she looked at me and said.  ‘It’s not working, I’m still worried.’  I looked at her fingernails which had not been chewed  to the quick and said ‘oh dear….’    

They took her back and told me it would be about 15 minutes.  One hour later I was beginning to worry, when out she comes looking like she has gone several rounds in a boxing ring, carrying her teeth in a little pink pot.   

She took ibuprofen as soon as we got back, so fingers crossed it is relatively plain sailing from now on.  Until she gets fitted with braces…..   

A smile with a lot of gaps...


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