Not for the faint hearted….

A few weeks ago Jojo crushed her toes in the mechanics of an elliptical machine.  A friend had left an elliptical up in her playroom and we came for lunch.  An elliptical machine and a 10-year-old in a playroom is bound to end in tears…and it did.   I rushed Jojo to the emergency pediatric care facility – in a thunderstorm.  It is really tricky speeding through traffic, with the rain pouring, lightening flashing and thunder rolling with Jo screaming at the top of her lungs in pain.  I hope you never have to experience this kind of driving….  Luckily the staff spotted us as I staggered across the parking lot carrying her and came running with a wheel chair.   

I took this photo with my iPhone and I think it is only unfocused because  I was shaking.  

Cute new hair cut though, right?!


Several x-rays later and thank goodness it was not a broken toe. 


Jojo refused point-blank to allow anyone to burn a hole in the nail to release the blood and of course a blood blister began to build under the nail. and grow….  

like something from a horror movie...


See the dirt?  She also refused to wash her feet, which made me worry about infection.  

Eventually the pain was so great that she allowed me to burst the blister.  



It bled for 6 days solid, but without the pressure of the blood blister she was much happier…  

Still grubby, but no infection...


Then the toenail started to fall off…  



 I helped her cut the old nail free…and finally persuaded her to agree to the wound and surrounding toe being cleaned  


 This post started with Jojo’s tears and ended with mine…you see my Dad died when Jojo was 9 months old and my Mom gave me the non stick gauze bandages that he had to cover the open wounds on his body….I have kept them for 10 years without even coming close to needing them – until now.  I cut one down for Jo and then started to tell her about her Granddad that she barely met and does not remember…  

The physically wounded and the emotionally wounded comforting each other…  

does anyone else eat icecream in stressful moments?!



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3 responses to “Not for the faint hearted….

  1. Oh bless you both! Its so special to share memories like that. I knew my grandparents but after they died for about 3 years me and my mum wouldnt discuss it for fear of upsetting the other. In the end we did and it ended in a ncie emotional hug like that. But it felt so good to get it out.

    Glad shes on the mend 😀

    • veryanniemary

      It kills me that I can be perfectly in control and then a little thing like his gauze pads set me off again..

      It also made me laugh that Niamhy grabbed my camera and took a photo! I’m raising a brood of photojournalists…

  2. In my linen closet, tucked way in the back, are a ton of bandages left in my late grandmother’s linen closet after she passed away. The woman loved a sale. I’m waiting for the day when they have to be used on one of my boys. This post touched me. Grossed me out a little bit, too, but definitely touched me!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Very much appreciate it!

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