A Perfect Day

Yesterday was perfect in so many ways.  The sun was shining, the children had early release from school and Andy took a half day annual leave.  We piled the girls and the dogs in the car and headed to beautiful Lake Lanier in North Georgia.  A wild fact about Georgia which I can’t get my head around is that there are no natural lakes or even ponds.  None in the whole state!  Jojo’s teacher told me and if she says it’s true, well then, it’s true. (She’s that kind of teacher.)  

Lake Lanier was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950’s and they must have been smarter then.  The dam is regularly opened to allow a certain amount of water to head down to Alabama where it sustains a rare mollusk – or something like that.  Last year some fool left the tap on, creating a man made drought, made worse by the fact that the army were still obliged to open the damn dam to sustain that rare Alabaman mollusk.      Not good.  

The sign up there reads, 'Slow, No Wake'


Thank goodness the lake is recovered now – and very beautiful.   Of course we forgot the long leashes for the dogs and in Georgia it is illegal to allow dogs off leashes.  I think Goldie Hawn needs glasses, because she attacks all the floating branches and logs in the lake, I swear she thinks they are passing beavers….Without the long leash this becomes an interesting test of will and muscle between a small woman and a dog who is part husky…   

 Bruce Willis on the other hand, is part life guard and continually pulls Andy away from the edge of the lake.  


I am pretty convinced Imogen’s vampire stage is over now, or cunningly disguised in pink skirts and flowery flip flops…I like Princess Imogen better than Vampire Darkness.  

Perfect hiking gear for a princess


On the way home we asked the children why they had early release.  They weren’t at all sure, but some suggestions included the teachers went bowling, had a mani/pedi or headed to the local bar…probably all much better than the reality.  

We ended the day with a trip to Red Robin, the first time we have been in six years and the first time ever for Imogen.  The burgers were as good as ever!  Look at my girls, Imogen is happy coloring, Jojo is a goofball and Niamhy is the aloof pre teen….A picture is worth a thousand words.  



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