Holy Cow!

I sent Imogen to school with a sore throat yesterday.  That was her only symptom, honest, and I spoke to her teacher who said no one in her class had strep. and no one was absent.  So in the afternoon when I picked up the girls, Jojo was struggling along carrying her little sister’s book bag as well as her own (what a sweetheart), and Imogen was trailing behind looking gray.

Me: How are you feeling honey?

Imogen: My throat hurts more than a cow having an out of control person pulling on its ‘things’ to get milk and yanking really hard.

Well crap!   That’s serious, so I took her to the doctor…. And then to the pharmacy for the antibiotics and now I have to email a groveling apology to her teacher who probably thinks I’m one of those moms who medicates their sick child and sends them to school so she can sit on the sofa, eating bonbons and watching day time soaps.




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5 responses to “Holy Cow!

  1. Awww her description of how unwell she felt did make me smile bless her! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  2. So, how many bonbons did you get through?!

  3. Oh dear, she doesn’t look well at all. Love her cow comment though. She’ll be a professional writer when she grows up!

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