Chocolate chip cookies

Niamhy went on a field trip to the Middle School last week.  I think it is great that they are given an opportunity to check out the school they will be going to next year.  Niamhy came home and I asked her how it went.  They have great chocolate chip cookies, she says!  Apparently the cafeteria staff kindly gave each child one.  So I ask Niamhy’s friend what she thought of the trip, they didn’t give me enough time to eat my chocolate chip cookie says Miss Sweet T.  Huh.  I spoke to the mother of a 5th grade boy, because Niamhy doesn’t talk to him, because he’s, well you know, a boy.  This is what she learned from Master S. there were chocolate chip cookies, but because he has given up chocolate for Lent he picked them all out.  Undaunted, I went to an excellent source of information, my wonderful Mrs. Dash, who’s daughter, the charming and sociable Miss A, is also in 5th grade.  Mrs Dash was able to tell me that Miss A liked the – you’ve guessed it – cookies.  So if you happen to find yourself in my neck of the woods, I recommend you stop by the local middle school cafeteria and pick up what must be the best damn chocolate chip cookies east of the Mississippi!  


What the Cookie Monster really looks like....


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