The Gallery: Color

Tara’s Virtual Gallery theme this week is color, trickier than it sounds…It’s St Patrick’s Day and my color is….pink.    I love the colors in this rose, the subtle pink through to the deep pink in the edge, Mother Nature is amazing, except she didn’t do this – I did!   This rose is made from coffee filters!   Isn’t that amazing?  I got the idea from a Martha Stewart guest Cassie Mae Chappell, and for once in my life the gods smiled on my creative efforts and I own a permanent full blown reminder of the dog days of summer!  How amazing is that?!



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6 responses to “The Gallery: Color

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Wow, just beautiful. x

  2. Ooo look at those colours and the sharp fine details! Thats an awesome pic!

  3. How beautiful is that. I love flowers so much and the tinge on the edges are so lovely.

  4. wow, that is amazing, it looks so real, and a very beautiful photo

  5. Here’s me thinking the doggy with the green antennae was your photo for the theme – I thought that was fab too!

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