Imogen for President

Imogen has decided what she wants to be when she grows up.  Last week she was going to be a Mommy.   That has all changed though, now she is going to be the President.  I asked her how she was going to make the money to run for President and this is her plan.  She is going to be a rock star until she finishes college, making lots of money.  Then she will be President and find a man to marry (I’m not exactly sure how the husband bit fits into the overall plan).

 I asked her what her policies were going to be and we spent ten minutes discussing exactly what that meant.  Her main policy is that we are all going to be vegetarian…except for steak, because that is ‘tasty’, also we can eat bacon and chicken nuggets.  Sounds like the sort of policies our current government has in place – she should go far.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our future President...and her Mommy


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