Out of the mouths of babes

Imogen: No offence Mommy, but you look pregnant.

Me: Oh, none taken Sweet Cheeks, none taken.

Later, I can be found scrabbling about trying to find all those diet books I have bought and not opened…..



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4 responses to “Out of the mouths of babes

  1. Am hearing you! My eldest started humming a little ditty yesterday: ‘Mummy’s bum is as big as her tum’, and then turned to me delighted saying, ‘Hey, that rhymes!’. OK, I am pregnant, but the bum comment not necessarily what I needed to hear, even if it did show he’s picking something up at school!

    • Ahh – he is obviously one of the angels not an urchin at all! At least he has youth on his side, my Grandmother-in-law told me I was carrying a girl because my bum was so big. It made it worse that she was right.

  2. Boys can be equally as blunt – “You look just like Granny!” had me racing for the moisturiser and surrepticiously looking up plastic surgeons for face lifts….

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