Kick Butt Catapult update

Catapults are fantastic for serving up mini vegetable spring rolls to giggling girls too.  Of course, you probably won’t find a recommendation for this in Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls.



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2 responses to “Kick Butt Catapult update

  1. Just been having a read of your posts – amazed at your trebuchet and think this idea for fast food is delightful!
    Hope you’ll be posting another photo for The Gallery tomorrow.

    • Unfortunately I can’t sling spring rolls and take photos at the same time. I should have got one of the girls to take a photo, I guess. The catapult is now in school awaiting a grade. I hope Jojo doesn’t lose marks for the slippery greasy coating on it! I think we deserve an A if not an A+!

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