Kindle Kid

Niamhy is ADHD and she hyper focuses on reading (thank goodness!)  So we bought her a Kindle for her birthday.  Best gift ever, she loves it…

Here she is in the morning at the park,


And at lunchtime in the restaurant,


And in the afternoon coming home in the car…

The bummer is THAT’S MY KINDLE!!!

Finally, at bedtime she finds hers in her bed and gives mine back…that’s a Kindle Kid for you.  She’s reading ‘The Gods of Manhattan’ by Scott Mebus at the moment.  If you have a kid that loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, they will probably love this book too.



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4 responses to “Kindle Kid

  1. I hadn’t realised that Kindles were that big. This is the first I’ve actually seen carried by someone, I think I thought they were the size of an iPhone. Makes them a much more attractive prospect, must admit.

    • veryanniemary

      I think the photos are deceptive. They are about the height and width of a paperback, but very slim. Mine has a black cover which makes it look slightly larger…Niamhy has a cool ‘skin’ on hers.

  2. I need to try to get Miss E into Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. She’s always been a bit of a wuss but I’d love to read those with her and she’s a similar age to your Niamh I think (9). The kindle sounds cool. I’m not sure if we’ve got them over here yet but I’ll have to look into them. It looks like Niamh is veru much hooked. 😀

    • veryanniemary

      Niamhy is 11, just, her birthday was two weeks ago. She is skinny because her medication takes away her appetite (another reason for my grey hair), so she looks younger. I think she was about 8 nearly 9 when she tried to read HP, then she freaked and waited about 6 months before picking the 1st book up again and then she read them all one after another. So probably Miss E is bang on target to enjoy them! The Percy Jackson series is very funny as well as exciting, so that might be an easier series for her to start with. Let me know if she enjoys them….

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