February Birthday Girl #2


She’s perpetual motion,  a rainbow of emotions, has a huge desire to do the right thing, and a terrible fear that she won’t.  She loves her sisters fiercely, but equally fiercely goes a few rounds with them.  She’s quixotic and rascally, calm and rational all in the space of 5 minutes.  She attracts bullies, but does an ok job of standing up to them, she also attracts some wonderful sweet friends of both sexes that are very loyal to her and she to them.  She plays a mean flute and is an outstanding mathematician  – she’s our ‘have a go Jojo’. Wouldn’t change a hair on her head although she is steadily turning mine grey…Happy Birthday Jojo!



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2 responses to “February Birthday Girl #2

  1. Very cute indeed! Happy birthday, and hope it isn’t raining or snowing on the party girl.

  2. Breaks my heart that the school board here in Georgia is about to eliminate band and orchestra at elementary level…which means I am going to have to find $ for private lessons. She is too good at that flute to let it drop completely.

    And yes, even here in the South we have had an inch of snow!!

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