It’s a phase, it’s a phase, it’s a phase.

If I keep saying it, maybe I’ll believe it, but I’m kind of worried that I have a 6 year old Goth.  It all started with Halloween when she wanted to be a Spider Countess with black hair and a spider’s web on her face.   After that she announced she was a vampire called ‘Darkness’.

Then she told me that she had grown out of My Little Ponies and we needed to repaint her room.

 Me: Ok – what color?

Imogen: Black. 

Me: What? No – that’s not a nice color for a bedroom

Imogen: Grey?

Me: How about a blue grey?

Imogen: How about Turquoise?

Me: Done!

She went to an after school party in one of the teacher’s classrooms, yesterday.  They played with Honey Bunny the class pet, had ice cream, listened to a bunny story and made a bunny mask.  When I picked her up this is what I found!

Evil Bunny!

 Can you see the scar on the forehead and the red devil bunny on the cheek?  So now I’m worried that it is a cry for help…

Me: What’s with all the vampire and devil stuff?  Are you unhappy?

Imogen: Well, I used to be girly and like pink, but then my heart turned and I went to the dark.  I try to touch the pink, but my hand is forced away.

Me:  OOOHHH KAAYYY – but is there something worrying you? Is anybody hurting you or saying mean things?

Imogen: What? No! (The look on her face clearly said, you moron!)

Me: Huh…

This is her pre-phase appearance.

She even has a halo...


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