I haven’t the foggiest

Answers to questions you have not asked me about England and being English.

No, it doesn’t rain ALL the time, but the air in winter is heavy with cold, wet moisture most of the time, just as here in Georgia the air in summer is heavy with hot, wet moisture, and the sky can be grey and leaden for months…

 I am happy to explain the word ‘bollocks’ but please don’t ask me in front of a 2nd grade class again.

 No we don’t have poison ivy, we have stinging nettles.  Not half as uncomfortable, but just as prevalent.

 Do we really say “I haven’t the foggiest idea?”  Uh huh….

When I pronounce the ‘h’ in the word ‘herb’ I am not being ignorant – that is how we say it!  Thank you for that comment, strange lady, I will always remember your ignorance…


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