Squirrelly West


He caught one! Yesterday afternoon Andy comes flying down the stairs shouting that he can hear a squirrel caught in the trap in the attic..As he heads back up stairs I can hear him humming! He’s really happy!

His plan was to leave the squirrel in the garage until we went out in the evening and to release it on the way to the restaurant. Fine, except later on I find him feeding the thing gerbil food and calling it “Little One”. What happened? All last week it was the enemy and now it’s “Little One”?

On the way to the restaurant Andy pulled in to the emergency hospital parking lot and stopped by a clump of trees. He carefully released the trap facing towards the trees. Little One comes flying out of the trap, does a 180 and heads across the parking lot towards the hospital. Makes sense to me – it’s an attic squirrel not a tree squirrel…Doesn’t stop Andy from shouting and pointing to the trees – I don’t think it understands you Honey….

So this morning I get on the internet and look up squirrel relocating. It’s illegal to release them on public land – strike one. You need to release them a long way from home – like ten miles or they track their way back – strike two.

I told Andy all this information and read him a few snippets, like don’t bother trying to feed them, they won’t eat.
“Well I know that’s not true,” he announces “Little One was eating for me.”

WHAT? Forget Grizzly Adams – I’m married to Squirrelly West.


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